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Filming with the Beeb

Integrated PR - 21st April 2009

Ran the risk of sunstroke yesterday filming with The Ability Group and the BBC at Syon Park.

Over the past three years, we’ve raised the profile of Ability’s chairman Andreas Panayiotou as one of the UK’s most successful property entrepreneurs, with articles appearing in the Sunday Times, FT and Evening Standard and primetime coverage on BBC1.  Of course, it helps to work with good material, and Andreas’ self-propelled rise is a terrific story.

Perhaps his greatest achievement in the past couple of years was correctly calling the top of the property market and selling the hell out.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, the BBC wants him to feature as a guru in their forthcoming Propertywatch show, scheduled to go out next month on BBC2 primetime.

So yesterday, we donned hard hats and clambered over the building site of his latest venture, a new luxury hotel in the grounds of Syon Park.  Next stop, studio filming with Kate Silverton up in Manchester.  Should be fun.