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Booksellers Line Up As Global Demand Grows For IT Governance Publications

Press Releases - 19th March 2010

Ely, England, 19 March, 2010 – More and more distributors are turning to the books of IT Governance Publishing (ITGP) to meet the world’s needs for governance, risk management and compliance expertise.

Following closely on new deals with distributors Bernan (US) and Computer Bookshops (UK), Woodslane (Australasia) is the latest outlet to add ITGP’s books to its stocklist. The attraction is obvious – as the specialist publishing arm of IT Governance, ITGP’s current catalogue consists of over 60 industry-leading titles. Subjects range from information security and digital forensics to best practice IT service management and business continuity.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, says: “Any major IT bookseller naturally wants to sell the latest and most informative titles. We seem to be forging new distributor partnerships all the time at the moment – not just in Europe, but across the world.

“In many ways, you can judge the quality of a publishing company by the quality and quantity of its distributors. Suppliers respond to demand, so the number of prestigious online outlets wanting to stock our books just shows that we are truly meeting a global need.

“Joining forces with Woodslane, for example, is a major boost for us and represents our largest distributor yet in Australia.” There are now 54 ITGP titles live on Woodslane’s website, a distribution service that delivers technology, business and lifestyle publications across Australasia.

Woodslane’s managing director David Scott says: “Rapid changes in technology and the workplace mean companies and organisations need top-quality guidance to navigate a successful path. The books of ITGP help us meet the demands of an information-hungry market.”

Calder adds: “We’re equally excited about Bernan and Computer Bookshops, to name but two of our many distributors on both sides of the Atlantic.”

A leading North American distributor of publications from the US government and intergovernmental organisations, Bernan sells over 45,000 different titles. The company represents some of the largest and most prolific publishers in the world, including the United Nations, The Stationery Office, The World Bank and the World Health Organization.

Computer Bookshops is similarly important in the UK, and has been a major computer book wholesaler and distributor for over 30 years. The company has more than 10,000 titles in stock at any given time.