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Acclaimed New Book Offers ‘Just Enough Governance’ for Lotus Notes

Press Releases - 22nd November 2008

Ely, England, November 22, 2008 — In many organisations, Lotus Notes and Notes applications are critically important to business. Equally important today, however, is the need to exercise effective governance over all IT processes to protect the health of the enterprise. The forthcoming book ‘Just Enough Governance for Notes’, acclaimed on Amazon by renowned reviewer Thomas ‘Duffbert’ Duff, offers a new way to reconcile these two requirements, with a ‘light touch’ governance approach that preserves the agility that makes Notes so invaluable.

'Just Enough Governance for Notes'

‘Just Enough Governance for Notes’ is written by Lotus Notes veteran Craig Schumann, Senior Vice President for R&D at TeamStudio. According to Duff, it “bridges the gap between the ‘Wild, Wild West’ environment so often seen in Notes shops, and the approval- and documentation-heavy processes you see in other IT areas. Even better, it introduces the topic of governance in such a way that most Notes developers can relate to and accept”.

The book presents an IT governance philosophy for Lotus Notes that can protect the company without stifling developer initiative. It goes on to give IT staff and Notes developers a blueprint to implement IT governance processes and principles in the Lotus Notes environment. Lastly, it takes a clear-sighted look at the future evolution of Notes and of IT governance.

Topics covered in the book’s 174 pages include The Trend Toward IT Governance, Design, Development, Test and Production. With the good practices it presents, readers will be able to create a governance process as agile as Notes itself, so that businesses and Notes applications can prosper together for many years to come.

Duff enthuses, “I would highly recommend getting a copy of Just Enough Governance for Notes to make sure you’re not exposing yourself and your company to unnecessary dangers. Along the way, you may just convince your IT leadership that Notes can be governed just like every other platform.”

‘Just Enough Governance for Notes’ (ISBN 978-1-905356-59-1) will be published by IT Governance on November 27, priced at £39.95/US$71.47/€50.09 and is available in hard copy and for download. To reserve a copy from our European online shop, please visit To reserve a copy for shipping from within the USA, please visit


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