9 July 2009

google Analytics Breakfast Briefing

In the name of keeping ahead of the competition and abreast of a continually evolving environment, Louise today attended a Google analytics breakfast briefing, hosted by econsultancy. Dr Dave Chaffey gave a useful insight into the depths of Google analytics, concentrating on segmentation, tracking of social media, keyphrase reporting and the all important topic of generating conversion.

With good conversation and advice passing between delegates the session proved interesting as well as informative! That said, however much good advice is handed out at briefing sessions the information that always sticks is the damning statistics. Some figures quoted reveal that 66% of companies occasionally, or never, change their website as a result of an insight from Google analytics. The question that surely needs to be asked is, ‘are we using Google analytics to report performance or improve performance?’

Marc Cornelius

Managing Director & Founder

Marc has over 20 years’ international PR experience gained at leading agencies and in-house. He has specialised in aviation and travel for a decade, devising and overseeing successful international PR programmes and building 80:20 Communications into an acclaimed sector specialist.

Article Author Marc Cornelius